There are two strands to the project  –

(a) the creation of the physical space, an outstandingly designed village-community,
within which
(b) the Laboratory’s work can be carried out and tested.

While both are intertwined and interdependent, and need to reflect the same core values, having a base from which to operate is key. The focus at present is therefore on identifying and securing a suitable site of no less than 350 acres.


The site is required to incorporate, or needs to be sited close to, an Earth power point, at a height of no less than 500 ft above sea-level and in the South West of England, with North Devon the preferred area. As one of the Laboratory’s key aims is to develop ways of harmonising humanity, and all its actions, with nature, it only stands to reason that we start where nature / Earth gides us to be. It has been foretold that from the right Earth location the Laboratory’s work will shine forth and attract many who will progressively form a much wider community on lands around this power point.

Apart from these natural requirements, the starting site is likely to contain an existing multi-dwelling configuration (e.g. some independent B&B units around a main house, or a small events / meeting centre still in operation, or recently closed). The starting site be in a location that will permit the gradual acquisition of additional land and homes that in the fullness of time will form the eco-community or village that will be home to the Light Living Laboratory. The presence of some sort of function centre within the early acquisition will facilitate some of the early stage work of the Laboratory, e.g. small workshops, think tanks, a secreteriat.


The site will need to include woodland, meadows, (organic) fields, preferably a walled vegetable garden, its own water supply as well as have access to a running stream. At least one or two units of accommodation should be ready for immediate occupation.

Please bring any potential sites to our attention.


As it is one of the Laboratory’s intentions to change the whole perception around “ownership”, the holographic design of the Laboratory requires that all its physical assets are owned in perpetuity by a trust, but administered by the community. While members of the community will be able to lend to the owning vehicle, no members themselves will be able to claim owner’s rights.

This will require the raising of untied, typically philanthropic, funds to purchase the site and put in place the first development phase. A UK charity is willing to act as receiving vehicle for any contributions for the acquisition, development and management of the site that will become the Laboratory’s home.

<strong>Designers & Architects</strong>

It is not only appreciated, but an essential requirement, that no design work is commenced until the site has been identified and secured, so that we can consult the land and attune to it before any design work is commenced.

We will be inviting biophilic architects, permaculture aware designers and many of those at the forefront of village design to come and spend time on the land with us before any plans are discussed or commissioned.  It is anticipated that the sensitive design of this home for the Laboratory and its unique and significant role will ease the planning approval process.


No aspect of human activity on this planet will be left unexamined for how it impacts not only on nature, but the quality and sacredness of all life.  To manage this process, we have divided all human activity into 12 main strands or groups, which will each be looked at in detail, not only how they interact with each sub-strand within each main strand, but also with all the other main strands.  When this holistic process is complete, we shall have created a new fabric with which to create a different future, one we desire, rather than one whose approach we look at with foreboding, even fear.

12 core strands input grid cropped


The building blocks of such a project are clearly many and will require the support of many. Please help realize this collective project by taking on a coordination function for an area of particular interest to you. This is a project intended to serve the world. All help will be acknowledged in the manner you require; all support funding will be accounted for publicly, via these pages.

A project of this nature requires a large number of skills, or at least needs to have easy access to them. Ordinarily all these issues would be attracted to a place and / or developed there over time. We believe however that we do not have the luxury of time to grow organically – the need for radical change places far greater urgency on the Laboratory to deliver than organic growth permits.

First Phase Skills

Every subject in such a holistic model requires dedicated editors and contributors. We particularly require a design genius able to suggest how we best create a useful, calm, website, via which to present our evolving work in an easily accessible manner that does not overwhelm the visitor and offers practical ideas.

Clearly many of those who contribute at this stage of the project’s development, may eventually want to come and live at the Laboratory. They will certainly be given preference, although will still be required to go through the whole selection and probation processes. Those who do not want to join the Laboratory, and may have their own plans for some form of future community, will have secured reciprocal support for their own future projects.

Typical skills we are looking for at this virtual stage, include contributors on subject areas (agroecology- horticulture – agriculture – permaculture – fish-breeding – zero-emissions farming – alternative energy sources and supply – biophilic architecture and design – sustainable construction) and planners; web-designers; social media & webinar experts; writers; and video producers & editors.

If you wish to help in any way, please be in touch and we shall talk about the philosophy we would be seeking to see reflected in any area you contributed to.

Suggested guidelines on admission procedures; probationary periods; conflict resolution; etc., based on the experiences of existing mature communities, are always very welcome. They are currently being worked on.



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  1. Hi, I would love to get involved in this collective project. If i could get an appointment with someone and talk about my experience and knowledge we could find which is the best way i can contribute.

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