Please give a minute (or 2) a day – join our laboratory manifestation support group.

One minute of our time a day (out of 1440 available) is easy to find, no matter how busy we are. To use this minute most effectively, it would help if we could all synchronize our gift of a minute for the same time around the world, plus take note of the guidance below.

It is easy to slip in a minute of visualisation or intention no matter whether we are in a meeting, at a concert or enjoying a meal.  After a while it will become a habit, initially you might want to put your mobile phone on silent alarm.  We shall keep a diary on this site to show progress following the publishing of this invitation.

If you would like to take part at one of the globally synchronized times, we suggest you convert one or both of the following fixed times from British Summer Time 8AM and 7PM (BST is GMT +1) to your local time via the relevant table below (note there will be an adjustment to Daylight Saving Time [or BST] from October 26th to March 30th; you will need to adjust your local time).  We suggest setting the silent alarm on your mobile phone.

These notes will help make your daily minute take on real power –

1. Thought – have a clear picture in your mind’s eye – see the Laboratory as a completed, vibrant, successful village and community, bringing great benefit to humanity and the planet. See a network of these LightLiving villages spanning the globe, giving humanity hope and nurture.

2. Emotion – heartfelt desire – amplifies the thought energy hugely – what is it that really excites you about the project (e.g. making a positive difference to people and planet? Working on a cutting-edge project with like-minded people? Living in harmonious connection and beauty in Nature? – whatever it is, feel that in your heart and send that out with your intention. Experience yourself visiting and mingling with some very wonderful people who understand you and your dreams.

3. Intention – consciously link up to universal mind / Source consciousness / God (whatever you prefer) and ask for help. As you do so, know that the Laboratory is aligned to the highest principles and therefore your intention will attract the enormous creative energy of the universe.

4. Completion and Gratitude – see your intention fully realised. See the project completed and running successfully – and be really thankful and appreciative for all the human, spiritual and financial support that has been provided to make it a living reality.

We are most grateful to our Trustee Jane Turney for proposing this gift of a minute a day, and for providing the empowerment guidelines.  This what she has to say –

Time is ticking by and we all so much want to see the LightLiving Laboratory up and running, so I’d like to suggest that we put our minds together – literally – to help speed up the process. We plan to use quantum thinking / conscious manifestation when the Laboratory is set up – so why don’t we use these techniques NOW in a daily group meditation to help bring the Laboratory into physical reality?

We know that thought is dynamic and creative, and we also know that when a number of people synchronise their thoughts the power generated by the group mind is exponentially more powerful. One example is the ‘Silent Minute’ daily prayer in World War II: From November 1940, with the blessing of Churchill and the War Cabinet, the BBC broadcast a minute’s silence every night at 9pm, following the chimes of Big Ben. This went on for the duration of the war. The minute was for British people and their allies to pray for victory and for peace. Apparently substantial numbers did so, and after the war, some members of the German high command acknowledged the contribution of the British ‘secret weapon’ in the outcome of the war.

I would like to propose that all of us involved with the Laboratory, and supportive of it and its role in shaping the future, set up our own ‘silent minute’ with the aim of praying for / visualising the swift, graceful acquisition of land that is perfect for our purpose, followed by the physical establishment of the laboratory village, attracting all the right resources, financial backing and people to help at the right time at every stage, including those that will populate the village.

Please let us know that you have joined the visualisation group by completing the special form immediately following. This will also ensure that you will receive automatic news of developments and breakthroughs.


Find your local time on one of these Tables –

To October 26th, 2014 and again from March 31st, 2015 please use this table to obtain your local time – HERE

From October 27th, 2014 to March 30th, 2015 please use this table to obtain your local time – HERE

Please advise if any of the time conversions listed are incorrect.

Thank you for helping shape the future via the LightLiving Laboratory.

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