Our core design strands (12)

The following illustration shows the 12 main strands that create the fabric that underlies the development and design of our first Light Living Laboratory.

12 core strands input grid cropped

Each strand, of course, consists of many more sub-strands. In order to retain an overview of what factors, and how, our holistic planning takes these into account, we have created our very own wikispace (link below).

Via this wikispace we are not only able to show, down to the tiniest elements, what out design is based on, and influenced by, BUT we are also able to invite every person on this planet to provide their suggestion on what they would like a future, epitomised by the Light Living Laboratory, to contain.

Everybody carries in their heart ideas of what a future of their choice might contain – our wikispace exists to receive these heartfelt inputs and let others be cross-fertilized by them.

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