You would not be here if you did not want to make a difference, help create a new future. Like many, you may have asked ‘how can I, one person, help create a different future?’. And then you may have decided you cannot and have continued in your old ways.

We have put a lot of thought into how to overcome this sense of overwhelm and believe that we have come up with a series of options that make it possible for all of us to participate in creating the different future we all seek and collectively can achieve. Please choose from the menu below how you feel you can contribute.

(1) Give-A-Minute or two of your time, on a daily basis, to visualize and intend the successful establishment of the LightLiving Laboratory.

(2) When ordering anything from Amazon, please use our links through Shop ‘n Support and the Project will receive a small introduction fee.

(3) Help identify individuals, organisations, books and videos that in your view will have a practical contribution to make to the on-going shaping of the LightLiving Laboratory’s home in England.

When creating something new, the first lesson to be learnt is that somebody, something, somewhere has probably already thought of it, is living it, is demonstrating it.  Consequently, it makes a lot of sense initially to find out what relevant stuff might already be out there.

And this is where you come into the picture : somewhere you may have a valuable bit of information based on experience, or an idea, that will help make the Light Living Laboratory even more powerful.  Any future we desire needs to resonate with as many people as possible – so the more inputs we receive, the more relevant this future will be. Please use the special form below to let us have your nominations and ideas.

A holistic project, by definition, requires everything to be considered, as well as everything’s effect on, and relationship with, everything else.

We all carry in our hearts a sense, a feeling, even a yearning, of what a future of our choice would look like. Help complete the picture by providing pieces we may be missing.

(4) You may have a skill that will help improve the appearance of this site; you may be a designer, copywriter, social media strategist, anything that the Project needs right now. You may be somebody with sufficient time and interest to participate in the framing of our written material, in particular the Operational Manual. If any of these apply, or anything else, please be in touch.

(5) We need to build up our teams of advisers, patrons and others whose ideas and support will help shape the Project. Please be in touch if you are willing to be one of these important individuals, or know somebody who would fit the bill.

(6) You may be a philanthropist, foundation trustee, fundraiser, or know somebody who is and who might be interested in supporting this Project, if so, please be in touch. The Foundation legally responsible for this Project shows, in outline, what our current funding needs are; in particular, we need any time now the funds required to acquire the site on which the LightLiving Laboratory will eventually be built. See here for Budget & Funding Plan.

and / or you might care to

(7) Join our LightLiving Community and add your energy to this unfolding project for a different future.

(8) Become an Ambassador for a different future and the LightLiving Project by informing yourself fully about this project (we’ll answer all your questions to whatever detail you wish) and then send and relay information about this project to your networks. Find out more here. Sign up to the Ambassador list in the right hand column and we’ll be in touch; or simply use one of the link icons found on each page.

(9) Lastly, you may be one of those courageous souls willing to develop and live change, who alone, or with partner and family would like to be considered a candidate for membership to the LightLiving Laboratory. If you are, please be in touch by signing up to the Membership Cadidate list and let’s start developing the application and admission procedures together.

If any of the above applies, you can also use this special form to get in touch [all information remains exclusively with the LightLiving Project] –

2 thoughts on “PARTICIPATE

  1. It’s inspirational to see that another group of people are doing something about living the utopia we are capable of. the more of us opt out, the sooner peaceful revolution will occur. how do i opt in to your lab?

    • Belatedly, thank you Zulu833 for your support and interest. ‘Utopia’ almost denotes a perfection not achievable in the human condition. We prefer to aim for a society in which everybody has learned, or has been taught, to be aware, to be conscious, to be awake. Becoming a member of the LightLiving Laboratory will require going through an application process which will be onerous. We are currently defining the 3 stages envisaged. Recruitment will not begin until at least 1 year after we have acquired our site. There is however nothing like being at the head of a queue!

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