Dawning of a Global Civilisation

Quietly, a new civilisation is emerging.

The noise and distraction created by the almost hyper-efficient delivery of ‘news’ by the media, is making it difficult for people who rush, and are rushed, through life, to perceive.  They can only see what is incessantly being broadcast through all-pervasive media channels, themselves wholly caught up the minutiae of current realities, or used by their owners and controllers to misdirect.

Along humanity’s evolutionary path, civilisations have risen and fallen. They have typically had their roots in a specific place or region, geographically defined. They were shaped by the development of new tools, at a place good for settlement, or hunting. They reflected the philosophical insights of the people located there, and represented their cultural development. Such a localised civilisation might then be picked up, or transferred by war, commerce or peaceful interchange, to other places or peoples, who would adopt, gradually or slowly, and incorporate it into their own. This spread sometimes reached around the earth, e.g. the civilisations of ancient Greece, China, India and Arabia.

The new civilisation emerging today, below the horizon of most people, is fundamentally different : it is global from inception, attracting constantly growing numbers from many different parts and environments of today’s world. Travel, the instantaneous transmission of ideas, unlimited free communications and the access to almost unimaginable quantities of information, are making it easy for individuals located anywhere on the planet to share their ideas, dreams and wishes for this common home, our small blue-green planet we call Earth.

It is astonishing, and yet not that surprising, to see how similar these dreams and wishes are, irrespective of within which cultural, social, or geographic environment they emerge from. These all boil down to some very few – greater equality between peoples; the abolishment of war & strife; more meaning and relevance to life here; a greater caring for planet and nature; a better distribution of resources; more time to celebrate, dance and be; opportunities for greater participation in, and giving meaning to, life; permission to explore, make mistakes and learn naturally, to expand; real partnerships between the generations; more account of what is left to our next generations; a greater focus on our common humanity, regardless of our race, creed or gender; acknowledgement and expression of our common humanity and connectedness; and space freely to express our caring nature, love, higher consciousness and our spiritual essence.

To demonstrate what a future, in which all these dreams have been accommodated, might look like, the LightLiving Laboratory is being created. Conceived in the shape of a laboratory-village, its physical design and social form will incorporate what is desired, dreamed of, and has sometimes even been created in small pockets, or in isolated places, recently or in the past.  LightLiving is not some Utopian dream requiring new technologies, or the intervention of super-intelligence, but represents a sensitive blending of those elements that, when combined, produce most of what so many of us dream of and wish for. The LightLiving Laboratory does not set out to invent everything anew and again, but simply seeks to bring together what is already being said and done by people and projects from around the globe.

Once the principles on which the first LightLiving community is being founded, have been tried, tested and refined in community, they will be publicised and made freely available to the world; they will provide the blueprint for many other such LightLiving communities to be established across the globe.

Thus today’s still, almost invisible, global whisper will become the strong voice of the new global civilisation.

Will you participate in making this so? You can. Be in touch.

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