In an undertaking such as this, there is no one individual who is either the originator or creator of the Light Living Laboratory. Indeed, the consciousness of those many who have over time contributed ideas, and are continuing to do so, have made it inevitable that somebody someday would become motivated to take action. Witness the many exciting other initiatives around the world. It will take many and more to realize the project in the short time frame intended.

In reflection of the new type of leadership we shall be developing, and experimenting with, in the Laboratory, there will always be somebody who steps forward to lead an aspect of a project, either for one of its phases or to completion, before then fading back into the group. Old leadership models are dead.

The project orchestrator has held in his mind’s eye for over 50 years the image of a place in which men, women and children live together, lightly, fully in harmony with themselves, one another, nature and its various kingdoms. Perhaps a distant memory of knowing of such places drives him, and those gathering around, to create laboratory-villages which will demonstrate better ways of being and living on planet Earth. Its insights, experiences and resulting models for being in future will be freely shared with all.

The term ‘orchestrator’, like everything else about the Light Living Laboratory, has been carefully chosen for it best describes the process we are currently engaged in.  The conductor (or orchestrator) of any orchestra, charged with bringing together the members of an orchestra to play some very specific music, will have this music in mind when interviewing and selecting his / her musicians.  Those who are finally signed-up are exactly right for what s/he has in mind.  Out of thousands of gifted instrument players, only those required for his orchestra, able in his view to make the music he can already hear in his head, can be chosen, even if there are many more brilliant performers out there.

Similarly, when we commence recruiting members and residents for the first LightLiving Laboratory, which will have a relatively small population, there will no doubt be many excellent candidates, but only a few can be accommodated.  This is particularly so, as the first laboratory-village will represent proof of concept and from here will determine the nature and development of all the other LightLiving communities planned.  Every resident of the LightLiving Laboratory, the first of these LightLiving communities can expect to become a teacher, possibly even founder, of future ones.

There is little doubt that the time for a LightLiving Laboratory has come : our world is rapidly heading towards such fundamental change that unless we prepare for it now, the transformation will be unnecessarily painful, long drawn out and not necessarily result in the world we desire. Con-science has delivered the understanding required to effect genuine, deep- and far-reaching change fairly quickly.  In parallel, we are witnessing changes our home-planet itself is undergoing. And we are seeing a growing maturity in the younger generations that those who got us into this mess mostly still lack. We discuss this interrelationship elsewhere on this site.

The home-base for the Laboratory will in appearance be similar to some villages in the world-wide eco-village movement that has quietly spread across the globe over the recent decades. The philosophy behind the eco-village and permaculture movements, combined with our knowledge of the sacred principles behind all great architecture, provide an excellent matrix within which the physical design elements of the Laboratory are being defined and developed.

The corporate parent of this project is presently the UK registered charitable company, the Light Living Foundation.

Peter B Rae, is the project orchestrator. He is a former soldier, industrialist and international banker, whose specialty in banking was the arranging of finance for governments and major projects around the world. Holding the bigger vision, while not losing sight of the minutiae of detail that goes into big projects, is one of his proven skills. Snippets on him and his life can be found at http://peterrae.com

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  1. Really love the concept. When we can align with ourselves, each other and the planet – not to mention the Universe, Life will be truly magnificent – more than it currently is.

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